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The Best Place for Audio Book Rentals and Audio Books on CD      

AudioQueue is the easy way to get the audio tapes and CDs you want delivered right to your door.

For one low monthly fee you can rent as many audio tapes or CDs as you want. Browse through our categories to find the titles that you want, then sign up and start getting the programs you want right away!

Whether you're looking for sales training books, management training, how to improve your memory, or the latest popular audio book, AudioQueue has something for everyone.

You can add as many titles as you want to your queue and we will send the individual tapes and CDs to you based on your subscription level. Each time we receive one back from you we will send the next one from your queue

For just $21.95 per month you can have one title out at any one time. There are no shipping and handling charges, postage is included.

Click here to sign up now!

  • Sign up online using our secure server. 
  • Choose the tapes or CDs that you want.
  • We will start sending from the titles that you selected.
  • They will arrive by first class mail in 2-4 days with a handy return mailer.
  • Keep them as long as you want. There are no due dates or late fees.
  • When we receive one back from you we will send the next one from your queue.
  • Cancel anytime.

Referrals are truly a win-win at AudioQueue.

Click here to refer a friend or co-worker. If they sign up, they get a month of AudioQueue free and you get a $2.00 discount on your monthly subscription.

Sign up 10 people and your Basic AudioQueue Subscription will be completely paid for by referral discounts for as long as the people that you refer are active. Sign up more than 10 and you can increase your subscription level to match your discounts. Each person gains you an additional $2.00 discount.

The people you refer will get just one referral email from AudioQueue. They will not get any follow up marketing from AudioQueue and their name and email address will not be sold.